Magna Finesse: a Bean Counter mystery (Bean Counter Mysteries Book 2)

Written by T. A. Clark
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Everyone knows that Rennie Taylor is a lady-killer.

In his case, is that more than just an expression? No one has seen his wife in months. He says she’s out of town, but not everyone is convinced.

When down-on-his luck accountant Nick Rohmer is approached to find her, he turns the job down—at first. But the match of the client’s cash with his unpaid bills is too much temptation to resist. So, he takes the job and follows the money.

His inept investigation leads him into the strange and dangerous world of ex-marine, sculptor, presumed gold digger, and possible wife-killer, Rennie Taylor.

Is his wife out of town, or did her husband kill her and artfully dispose of her body? And who is the mysterious woman who wants her found? And why is a fat man with a dog following Nick all over South Florida?

By the time Nick realizes he’s in over his head, there’s nowhere for him to go but forward, and no one to blame but himself.

Mystery and suspense categories:

  • Mystery humor
  • Mystery thriller and suspense
  • South Florida mystery
  • South Florida authors


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