Low Carb Diet Crock-Pot Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Chef-Proved Low Carb Diet Slow Cooker Recipes Made For Your Crock-Pot For Weight Loss, Regaining Confidence And Overall Health (Easy Cooking)

Written by Jack Grand

Are you overweight or obesity?

Do you often have bad mood or bad sleep quality?

Are you short of confidence because of your body shape?

Do you want to be more healthier and happier?

How about I tell you that you can still have you favorite and delicious foods, but you can better your lifestyle?

If yes for any of above questions, then you are reading the right book now!

This book combines low carb diet with Crock-Pot slow cooking, which will make you lose weight, be healthier, save time and money. Low Carb Diet is a lifestyle that emphasizes we should have low carb high fat food. By eating less carbs, our body energy source will be changed to fat instead of glucose. Then our body will burn more fat until we get our weight loss goal and overall health!

Not only will you know about essential knowledge of Low Carb diet by reading this book, you will also know all essentials of Crock-Pot usage, which will lead you to a high level of slow cooking. I can tell that you no need to pay any more time with other similar cookbooks about how to make delicious and easy foods. Just cherish this amazing book! So what will you find in this book?

1. What is Low Carb Diet

2. The Benefits of Low Carb Diet

3. Useful Tips for Low Carb Diet

4. Foods You Can/Can’t Eat

5. The Essentials about Crock-pot Cooking

6. 71 Delicious and Easy Crock-Pot Recipes

7. More and More…

For the recipes in this book, I have carefully selected 71 super delicious and simple Crock-Pot recipes, which all are chef-proved and suit for low carb diet. You will find: breakfast, lunch, dinner, soups, meat (chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, pork, fish, seafood, etc.), vegetables, desserts, drinks, etc. You will find your favorite dishes!

With so many delicious & easy recipes, you will make your make your every low carb meal. Wish you will have a successful low carb diet journey!

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