Love’s Timeless Hope

Written by Anne Meredith
Category: · Romance

Researching what she swears will be her last romance novel, Rebecca Reynolds travels to the charming old town of Jefferson, Texas. Why should she continue to write about the myth of romantic love, when she’s seen no evidence of it in her own life?

Still, she finds herself captivated by the tales of historic Jefferson and the beautiful woman murdered over a century ago for her diamonds. And is it true that anyone who sleeps in Garit’s room at the fabled Behringer Inn will wake up in love?

No sooner does she check into the bed and breakfast than she finds herself swept away to old Jefferson during its 1876 heyday. And then … she meets Garit himself. And soon she’s caught up in a web of deceit, sabotage, and greed. How can she find her way back to her own time – and does she even want to live in a world without Garit?


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