Lolli and the Talking Books (MEDITATION ADVENTURES FOR KIDS Book 3)

Written by Elena Paige

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5 star review! Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“Elena Paige’s collection of guided meditations, Lolli and the Talking Books: Meditation Adventures for Kids, Book 3, contain marvelous tools for unlocking the creative potential that rests within each of us. Paige’s Lolli helps listeners learn to tune out the discordant and competing voices of the unborn books and focus upon a single one. Then she shows how an idea which might not, at first, be seen as original, can be turned into something unique and special. Her giant art carousel, where cherubs create marvelous illustrations for those books which have learned to sing, is an extraordinarily powerful image that particularly resonated with me. I’m so impressed with the depth and scope of these guided meditations. They are truly adventures, which build from their predecessors rather than repeating the same themes. Paige shows how strength, resilience, and creativity can be channeled and grow through meditation, and she does so brilliantly. Lolli and the Talking Books: Meditation Adventures for Kids, Book 3 is most highly recommended.Lolli comes from the Land of Color and speaks directly to children guiding them through stories that they themselves adventure on and feel a part of. Kids love the whimsical nature of following where Lolli takes them and learn things incidentally along the way. A fun and creative approach to mindfulness for children.”

Parents, use these meditations to help increase your children’s self esteem, enhance your child’s imagination and encourage positive thinking. Helps kids with self acceptance and increases confidence. Lolli’s meditation adventures help kids to be happy and make great choices. Lolli helps kids with their emotions and feelings, guiding them to deal with anger, worry and fear. Perfect for creating a wonderful sleep routine with your children. Includes three original guided meditations: Lolli and the Talking Books; Lolli and the Chocolate Tree; and Lolli and the Wind Maze.

Once again a book so chock full of adventures, inspiring children to improve concentration, deal with anxiety and handle difficult emotions.

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