Lizzie (War Brides Book 1)

Written by Linda Ford

From a fan favorite author with more than one million books sold, a heartwarming inspirational romance in the WAR BRIDES series:

Caleb Hughes returned from the Great War a broken man. Not only does he battle nightmares and memories of the battlefields he faced, he can’t forget that he survived the war while those who signed up with him paid with their lives. Even his best friend has come back so injured he is dying. Caleb doesn’t believe he deserves to have been spared. How can he deserve the love of Lizzie, the young wife he met while stationed in England?

Lizzie is alone in a new country – and in the company of in-laws who are cold and strict. Everything she does is wrong. Her love of music and art. Laundry. Cooking. Comforting her husband. How can she reach Caleb if he refuses to talk about the horrors he lived through?

When Lizzie’s father offers to pay her way home, it shakes Caleb out of the emotional place of emptiness he’d escaped to. Will Lizzie’s love be enough to keep Caleb from slipping away again? Can they both learn to trust God not only with the present but with their past and their future?


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