Living At Zero: The New Wealth Hack for Millennials

Written by Jordan Tampien
Category: · Business & Money

Finally, a money book for Millennials written by a Millennial!

The old adage that if you work hard and get good grades, then you will get a good job is a thing of the past. Our parent’s way of working 30-40 years then retiring to finally start living their life, no longer works. As a poor college graduate without work and up to my ears in debt, I started searching for a new way to make money so I can start living now, experiencing all life has to offer. Living At Zero is my six-year journey from not even being able to pay my bills each month to having millions of dollars in assets, travelling the world, and finally starting to truly live.
How you ask? I will show you. This is a step-by-step instruction of how to take control of your finances and start living your life. I will teach you how to live the LAZ Lifestyle where you are financially free and doing what you love to do.

Learn how to:
– Change your money mindset to grow wealth
– Take control of your finances
– Develop your greatest asset: YOU!
– Understand and eliminate debt, especially student debt
– Learn how to make your money work for you
– Find your passion and live a balanced life


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