Little Red Hen Builds a Computer (Nerdy Baby Children’s Favorites Book 1)

Written by Tiffany Ard

“Who will help me install the RAM?” said the little red hen.
“Not I!” said the dog.
“Not I” said the goat.
“Sorry,” said the cat, “I was just on my way to lunch.”

This humorous twist on a classic children’s story takes kids through the process of building a computer. Of course, none of the little red hen’s friends are willing to help. Some friends!

What will kids learn?
Most kids use computers but they have no idea what’s inside. With this book I wanted to demystify the seemingly complex inner workings of a computer, and break it down into components that are fun and easy to understand. At the end of the book I’ve included a quick guide to the various parts that the little red hen collects. The book is simple but may serve as a great jumping-off point for kids who want to know more about computers and how they work.


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