Little Devotionals Boxed Set

Written by Lia London

This series is a unique combination of inspirational memoirs, practical spiritual self-help, and Christian devotionals, all told in a candid, conversational style that is easy to understand for young and old alike. The brief anecdotes shared are designed to bring laughter and/or inspire deeper examination of what it means to have a relationship with God. Through the stories, those who are new to Christianity can learn practical ways to grow in discipleship, and those who may need an extra boost will find kindling to reignite faith. Most of the chapters end with Bible verses, and Book 3 includes questions at the end of each segment to prompt spiritual self-evaluation.

Contains three short books:

Parables & Ponderings: when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents
Miracles & Musings: recognizing God’s love in blessings big and small
Knocking & Knowing: when faith is hard to find

Amazon reviewers had this to say:

“A beautiful book of reflections on God and life.”

“Extremely motivational. Makes you realize not to take small thing for granted and God is in control and wants the very best for us if we choose to listen to Him.”

“Aha moments taken seriously. I used her book to get my Sunday school class to think about God’s messages to us, sent multiple times daily, but maybe overlooked.”


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