Little Bunny and Magic Easter Town (Rhyming Bedtime Story, Children’s Picture Book About Love and Caring)

Written by Louisa Scott
Category: · Children’s Books

If you are looking for a children’s book that has a great rhyming story, childish illustrations, and is entertaining for kids aged 3-8, then this children’s storybook is for you!

With short and simple rhyming text, this story takes you to the magical world of Easter Town where all the little bunnies work hard all year to fill the Easter Baskets of all the children. When Little Bunny makes a mistake and feels bad about it, his mom teaches him what Easter really means, by telling him:

Everybody makes mistakes.

It’s how you learn and grow.

And Easter won’t be ruined.

This I surely know.”

A delightful illustrated picture book is perfect combination of whimsy and wisdom. The book is great for quick bedtime story to be read aloud with family!

  • Delightful picture book with professional illustrations

  • Rhyming and short text that will keep your child’s attention during the entire story

  • Has a great moral lesson, non religious

  • Includes coloring book

  • Includes fun puzzles and games for kids

  • BONUS inside!!


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