Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Beatles

Written by Jack Rodney

This book is about lessons gleaned from decades of my following the group, not to rehash their life stories, but to learn from them. It features lessons about business, spirituality, education, family, dreams & aspirations, and character.
What better way is there to teach someone to guard his hand during negotiations than to tell how Epstein lost countless millions by jumping at the first offer? How better to ease into discussing the afterlife than to detail Julian Lennon’s chimney exploding the night his father died half a world away? The book has examples to emulate, such as George’s organizing the first benefit rock concert as well as some to avoid, including Paul’s lashing out at Ringo during the breakup. There’s snippets from their lives as well as stories of how their examples helped mold me–and us–into who we’ve become.


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