Life-Changing Habits Series: Your Personal Blueprint For Success And Happiness (Books 1-3)

Written by Thibaut Meurisse
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Set exciting goals and achieve them with this in-depth guide. This is the only goal-setting book you’ll ever need!

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“Goal setting is a much covered subject with almost all personal development experts covering it, and some specializing in it. I was delighted to find that, not only could this book stand alone, it equaled and even surpassed some of the best titles on the subject.”
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Create powerful habits that will stick years down the road and change your life one day at a time.

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“You thought to translate this book into Spanish, I think it’s a material that can change the lives of many people.” – Jose M.

“Hi Thibaut, I read your book “Habits that stick” and it is indeed a great book to read. You are an excellent writer and a story teller. The book is fun to read. Please don’t stop writing…I am a fan and I look forward to reading many of your books.” – Hassan

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Unleash your inner productivity beast and say goodbye to procrastination for good.

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“A thinking man’s guide to increasing productivity, which presents straight forward and no-nonsense wisdom about how to become more productive in your life. I love how it helps you define what productivity should be for your own life, rather than telling you what productivity should be for all people.” – Mark Richmond

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