Libertas: Novi Cives (Morningstar Book 3)

Written by Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin

Accept that which is in front of you. It is a lie to deny the reality of the present. Lies are a prison. Accepting your current reality will free your mind from the incarceration of self-deceit. Freedom is truth. Freedom is liberty. Libertas. You, too, are one of the Novi Cives.

Once again, let us step back in time, to a pivotal point for the human species. Please accept the premise: “Backward” and “forward” are relative terms. The relative premise of time being invariable is a common understanding. Or, misunderstanding. Now, please, accept: “Backward” and “forward” are relative to time and space. Geospatial space.

A few months ago, the most unlikely person gained a strength of character, and a level of intelligence, unprecedented in the history of the human species. The optimistic goal in documenting the journey to Novi Cives is, for you the reader, to find the remarkable story of an unlikely person minimally interesting. In my furthest aspiration, the story will be more than slightly entertaining. The Novi Cives are the New Citizens.

I, therefore, encourage you to read on, let the imagery fall over you; approximating the sight of conference room chairs moving away from the table at the urging of splayed fingers. Or not. It is, as always, your choice. The story continues now.

Rule one: No one will be permitted to use the connection without first undergoing a complete psychological examination. Anyone with Summitate ability that fails the psychological requirements will face expulsion.

Rule two: Anyone, at any time, can request a connection be terminated. Delays in terminating a request to halt a connection will not be abided. Failure to comply with a request to terminate a connection will result in expulsion.

Rule three: Using the connection, in violation of the law, any law, will result in expulsion from the Summitate. No exceptions. Having extraordinary powers does not put you above the law.

Rule three is the irrevocable policy to isolate, and expel, anyone who abuses the connection. The Summitate governing council is the global authority over all connections and connected activities.


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