Letter To My Mom: My Hero

Written by Lisa Hirsch

It is one of the worst feelings in the world to realize that your mother can no longer take care of herself. This was the revelation Lisa R. Hirsch came to eight years ago when she visited her normally ambitious and efficient mother and discovered that she was already succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease.

As Lisa recounts in her previous book, My Mom My Hero, she and her brother had to cope with a number of conflicting feelings about this turn of events. In her inspirational follow-up, Lisa uses diary entries as a concept to catalogue the moments of joy that she could still share with her mother.

Lisa did all she could to keep her mother’s mind active, including spelling quizzes over the phone and gentle reminders about the important moments in her life. At the same time, Lisa was forced to step up and become a caregiver advocate for her mother. As Lisa recalls the difficult medical decisions she was forced to make and the techniques she used to organize her mother’s care, her words speak directly to anyone coping with caring for a loved one with chronic illness.


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