Learn to Crochet 6 Popular Afghan Patterns in Just One Day: Learn How to Crochet and Plan Your First Afghan

Written by Dorothy Wilks
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Includes Free Bonus Book: Learn How to Knit: Basic Knitting Techniques and Stitches for Beginners

Dorothy Wilk’s latest book, Learn to Crochet 6 Popular Afghan Patterns in Just One Day; Learn How to Crochet and Plan Your First Afghan, teaches you the basics of crochet along with six popular afghan patterns. You really can learn to crochet in just one day with Dorothy’s easy to understand tutorials and large clear images. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to crochet, or needs a refresher course, and wants to make their first crochet afghan.

First Dorothy provides a short tutorial on hooks and yarn. She teaches you how to read a yarn label so you can pick out the perfect yarn for each project you crochet. Next she moves on to basic crochet stitches and techniques. You will learn the following basic stitches and techniques in this book:

•Chain stitch
•Single crochet stitch
•Half double crochet stitch
•Double crochet stitch
•Treble (triple) crochet stitch
•Front and back loop stitches
•Front and back post stitches
•How to crochet in the round
•How to change colors

Next Dorothy shows you how to figure out how many motifs you will need for an afghan or throw project. She also teaches you how to figure out how many chain stitches you will need for any size afghan or throw you wish to crochet. She explains these concepts in easy to understand terms and gives examples to help you really understand the simple math involved. She also includes a handy table of popular afghan sizes for your reference.

Once you have the basics down it’s time to move onto afghan stitch patterns. Dorothy teaches you six popular afghan and throw patterns you can use to crochet full size afghans, lapghans, baby afghans, and you can even adjust the patterns to create stylish and textured dishcloths. The patterns included in this book are the classic Granny Square and three joining methods, Granny Square Ripple pattern, Larksfoot pattern, Classic Shell pattern, Catherine’s Wheel pattern, and the Waffle Stitch pattern.

Along with easy to understand instructions and large clear images, Dorothy also includes several handy tables for your reference. These include US, UK, and Metric crochet hook sizes, yarn weights, crochet term abbreviations, US to UK crochet abbreviations, and a complete list of laundry care symbols used in the yarn industry.

This book is written for beginners and each step is explained and illustrated. Dorothy uses lots of images in the patterns so even first time crochet artists can master the patterns. Don’t miss out on this informative and fun book. It is sure to become a favorite in your crochet library. Get your copy today!.


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