Leakage: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

Written by Karen Harley
Category: · Romance

Matt, Jasmine, Harrison, Sara. Neighbors and friends, staying strictly in the friend zone. Then one bizarre, moonlit night, it all changes.

The Challenge is simple: One man, one woman, one bed, every Friday. What happens between the covers stays between the covers.

Help each other become better lovers? Check. Improve their relationships? Check. Leave romance out of it? Check.

Above all, what happens between eight to midnight must not spill over into their friendships, or it all ends.

Yeah, that won’t happen.

Meet the Players:

  • Matt: Manwhore and babe magnet. Spends his days blogging about toys and shagging women.
  • Jasmine: Ice queen and workaholic. Refuses to take Matt’s flirtations seriously. 
  • Harrison: Geek and gentleman. Would rather read Dostoyevsky than sweep a girl off her feet. 
  • Sara: Pushover. Secretly drools over Harrison, who treats her like a sister. And way, way too impulsive… 

A steamy-hot, full-length STANDALONE novel. Intended for mature readers because of language and spicy situations.

Originally published in serial episodes as Eight to Midnight: A Best Friends Romance


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