Lancaster Bomber Tail Gunner: The gripping short story of a bombing raid over Berlin and deadly encounters with German ME109 fighters in WW2

Written by Warne Wilson
Category: · History

This short story – 3700 words – is based upon a true account of a German fighter attack related to me years ago by an old friend, who was one of the few tail gunners to survive the 30 missions required for Lancaster crew. My friend’s first name is Harry, he is still alive, and I have used his name as the tail gunner in this story.
The opening lines find Harry’s love Maureen washing glasses in an inn near High Wickham airfield. She has heard engines being tested all day and she knows Harry will be with the others as they take off for God knows where.
Vivid descriptions follow of Harry’s experience in freezing conditions as his Lancaster survives searclights and flack to make its horrendous bombing run over the already ruined city of Berlin. On the way home, deadly action with German fighters is almost Harry’s and the Lancaster’s nemises.


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