Knitting For Beginners: Easy Start For Beginners

Written by Aubry Atkins
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Do you want to knit? No idea where to start? You’ve just found an easy way to start knitting.

Do you dream of creating handmade gifts that your family, and friends will cherish for long time? Are you a knitting novice? Does picking up knitting needles scare you? Then, you’re in the right place, if you want to jump on the knitting bandwagon this is a easy introduction to get you started on your way. KNITTING FOR BEGINNERS: EASY START FOR BEGINNERS is the perfect book to get you started.

Knitting for Beginners will ease you into the wonderful world of handcrafting .

In Knitting for Beginners, you’ll find such topics as:

1. Knitting 101
2. Golden Rules of Knitting – The start and finish
3. Bringing it all together: Sewing up your knitting
4. Sewing up your knitting
5. Knitting with wool yarn
6. Care of Knitted Fabrics: Four fundamentals you should know about pilling
7. Depilling tools
8. Simple Knitting Patterns – Tips for the beginning knitter


Knitting for Beginners is an easy read, it’s direct and to the point without giving you the extra fluff. It’s a gentle introduction to get you started.

Buy Knitting for Beginners, you’ll be glad you did!

Hooray! Happy Knitting.


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