Kilenya Series Books One, Two, and Three

Written by Andrea Pearson

A new land. A mysterious key. A quest to save the world.

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Jacob Clark is a typical 14-year-old. At least, until a pack of wolves chases him out of our world and into Eklaron. There, he discovers he has special powers—ones that can help the people in his new world. As long as the covetous Lorkon don’t catch up with him first.

To save himself and his new people, Jacob must go on a potentially deadly quest. With no one to trust and no way to return home, Jacob has to make a choice: risk his life or do nothing and put Earth and Eklaron in grave danger.

Kilenya Series Books One, Two, and three are the first three of six books in a best-selling series of YA paranormal stories. If you like fast-paced adventure, magical quests, and original monsters and magic systems, then you’ll love this installment in Andrea Pearson’s Kilenya series.

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