Kickin’ Hearts (Rodeo Girl Series Book 1)

Written by Suzanne D Williams

His breath blew loudly in his ears, much like the huff and puff of the bronc as it tried to pitch its rider, and it came to him again, him and her both trying last until eight seconds, only time and distance and the spinning of their hearts were against it.


Halston Kane, the second of three brothers, considers himself stuck in the middle, a feeling which magnifies after his mother’s death. Never on top and not able to get ahead, he’s constantly losing out.

Saddle bronc riding is something he’s good at, yet lately, even there he falls short. Others who shouldn’t ride well are passing him up, and his best simply isn’t good enough.

Then Destiny Mullens turns up at his door, a girl he shouldn’t go near because she belongs to someone else. Sparks fly between them, and it seems what they both want – each other – won’t happen until he sets his doubts aside and takes the biggest ride of his life, one for his heart.

Book 1 of 3 in the Rodeo Girl Series by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.


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