Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook: 30-Day Ketogenic Vegetarian Meal Plan for Rapid Weight Loss with over 90 Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Written by Monica T. Mitts

Do you want to get rid of high blood pressure and lower your cholesterol levels and seizure threshold while losing weight?

Are you interested in gaining quality muscle with a high-fat, low-carb vegetarian diet?

Then this book is perfect for you!

The Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook covers all that you need to know about the diet, such as macros, essential amino acids like lysine, B12 vitamins, and much more. All of the information and recipes in this cookbook are supported by research. Additionally, the book covers nutritional guidelines for epilepsy patients that want to make sure their carb intake is at an absolute minimum.

Start burning body fat by burning plant-based fats and reclaim your energy!


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