Ketogenic Snacks: 2-in-1 Bundle: 65 Low-Carb Keto Bread, Fat Bombs, Snacks and Desserts For Success On The Ketogenic Diet

Written by Andrea J. Clark

If you’re looking for a way to achieve your keto diet weight loss goals, without having to sacrifice some of your favorite bread or desserts, keep reading…

Ketogenic Diet has been proven to be one of the most effective and effortless diets out there. However, being on a Ketogenic Diet means that you can no longer enjoy certain types of food. And for most people, and maybe you included, that food would be bread and snacks. Right, you’re thinking that you can no longer have that warm, buttered toast with bacon and eggs for breakfast, vanilla ice cream for dessert, or pancakes for your Sunday mornings. Well, I’m here to tell you that all of the above is possible, with the book Ketogenic Snacks: A 2-in-1 Bundle.

Included in this bundle: Ketogenic Bread and Ketogenic Fat Bombs: 65+ Low-Carb Keto Bread, Fat Bombs, Snacks and Desserts For Success On The Ketogenic Diet.

This cookbook contains over 65 healthy Ketogenic recipes, including savory & sweet fat bombs and keto bread recipes that are easy to make and extremely satisfying to eat.

In this Book You Will Get:
– 15 Savory fat bombs recipes
– 15 Sweet fat bombs recipes
– 35 Ketogenic bread recipes including Bread Loaves, Buns, Bagels, Muffins, Waffles, Pizza Crusts, Crackers & Breadsticks for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

With this ultimate keto cookbook, you no longer have to miss the taste of bread, pizza, bagels, or a sweet chocolate dessert while on the Ketogenic diet. Instead, you can enjoy all the delicious snacks, while still losing weight.

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