Ketogenic meal plan: 50 Delicious Mediterranean Cuisine recipes to get you started on your Ketogenic Meal Plan

Written by James Abraham

Ketogenic Meal Plan: 50 Mediterranean Cuisine Recipes to Get You Started on your Ketogenic Meal Plan provides you with the tools you need to begin your voyage on the wide, blue Keto sea. Whether your goal is weight loss, fat loss, increased energy, reduced appetite, or simply feeling better about yourself, this book will help set you on your way. It contains 50 recipes of unique, delicious meals derived from and inspired by Italian, Greek, Cypriot, Spanish, and American cuisine. The book contains 7 days’ worth of meal plans that make it easy and convenient for you to get started how you want to. We know that your goal is to achieve not only weight loss but fat loss, and with 50 recipes and 7 days’ worth of meal plans, this goal is within reach. All of the facts you need to know to understand and succeed on your Ketogenic diet journey are conveniently and simply explained. Enough talk, let’s get you started on your journey with Keto, Mediterranean Style!


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