Ketogenic Bread: 22 Low Carb Cookbook Recipes for Keto, Gluten Free Easy Recipes for Ketogenic & Paleo Diets, Includes Complete Nutritional; Bread, Muffin, … Loss, Delicious & Easy for Beginners 1)

Written by Anas Malla

No Carbs?? No Problem!!

We are a society that is so used to eating wheat products; from bread to waffles and muffins such that when we learn that we need to give up some of these foods if you want to adopt the ketogenic diet, many simply think that the diet is not for them. The amazing thing is that just because you cannot have bread made from wheat and other grains, does not mean that you cannot have some bread. You can still make bread, muffins, waffles and breadsticks using other flours like almond flour, coconut flour and flax meal among others.

I have a sweet tooth too..

Are you looking to adopt the ketogenic diet and still want to enjoy some bread, muffins, or waffles? Are you tired of the usual breads and muffins made from wheat and want to enjoy other types of bread made using different kinds of flours? If this is what you are looking for; then look no further because in this book, you will learn some amazing bread, muffin, waffle, and breadstick recipes that you can prepare. Thanks to this book, you can still enjoy some bread and waffles even when on a ketogenic diet.

What To Expect?

  • Ketogenic Bread Recipes

  • Ketogenic Muffin Recipes

  • Ketogenic Waffle Recipes

  • Ketogenic Breadsticks Recipes

  • Ketogenic Pizza Crust Recipes

Not Only That, but we also include a complete table of nutritional data, Serving size, and How Much Calories, Carbs, Protein, And absolutely – Our favorite – The FAT

After you’ve finished with this book, I hope that you’ve learned how to make healthy and delicious recipes, So now you you finally found what you’re looking for, Get your Copy Today. & Enjoy


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