Keto Diet for Cancer: Therapeutic Effects of a Low Carb Diet, Learn How to Prevent and How to Cure Cancer

Written by Toma Radu

Keto Diet for Cancer

The Ketogenic diet has been followed since the 1920s. It is not like the usual fad diets with limited long-term success rates. The Keto diet is based on a solid understanding of nutritional science and physiology. The Ketogenic diet, also known as the fat-burning diet, takes an entirely different approach when it comes to wellness and weight-loss; this is the most popular reason why this diet is followed. Most diets insist on limited food-intake, the necessity to have a check on calories, extensive exercise regimen, and quite a lot of willpower. The Keto diet, unlike other diets, reverses the body’s metabolic state.
The United States entered into an era of low fat when the 1970’s nutrition data mentioned saturated fat causes a bad effect on the body. The consumption of fat (especially saturated fats) dropped drastically, but obesity in America kept soaring since most people continued to consume more carbohydrates, which is the source of glucose. People started following a low-fat high-carb diet to reduce weight. Unfortunately, there was no significant change in the obesity level – people continued gaining weight. Something was not right!
Before implementing any new diet, be it Keto or any other diet, it is essential to understand the diet. This will ensure that you switch to the diet without causing any harm to your body. You must analyze your body’s capability and choose a way that can support your lifestyle. It is necessary to listen to your body and devise your Keto meal plan accordingly.
In this book, we will discuss the Keto diet and its possible role in preventing or curing cancer.
The chapters in this book will help you understand more about the Ketogenic diet, its history, the therapeutic benefits, and the ways to use Keto diet to prevent or cure serious diseases. This book also acts as a guide for those who want to start the Ketogenic diet.

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