Justified: Western Adventure (Marshal Jack Black Book 4)

Written by Ash Lingam
Category: · History

One-Eyed Marshal Jack Black is now posted in Cochise County in southeastern Arizona. The official marshal of Pierce City. Being as justice is at times blind the two outlaws, Billy Stiles and Bert Alvord, who Jack and his three lawmen buddies had captured and sent to Prescott prison, had finagled their way out of jail and were granted a governors pardon due to the two outlaws having every judge in the county in their pockets. So now Jack, with the help of two sheriffs and a marshal head back out to end these outlaws rein of thieving and killings. The Alvord-Stiles gang have kidnaped Harold Stampede and his wife, Emma to seek revenge on Jack, but the old lawman is determined to save them from certain death. This is the fourth installment of the Marshal Jack Black Series, Justified.


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