Just the Essentials: A Sweet New Adult Romance

Written by Shari L. Tapscott

Kinsley’s summer is for writing. She doesn’t need a guy. Not one. Except maybe Jack…

A dilapidated cabin in the remote Colorado mountains is not where twenty-year-old Kinsley would have chosen to recover from being dumped by her longtime boyfriend. But that’s exactly where she finds herself.

The Cons: The cabin currently has no electricity, cell phone service, Internet, running water, or heat. Also, an unknown wild creature appears to have made its home in the front room, and there’s likely something scary living under the aging deck.

The Pros: There’s only one, and it’s Jack—the local handyman Kinsley’s father hired to fix up the place. Jack with the sparkling hazel eyes and wicked smirk. Jack, who’s just the kind of summer distraction Kinsley needs…

Jack, who flirts like a pro but refuses to indulge in a summer fling. Kinsley has three months to change his mind, but is it enough time? And can she keep things light when her heart is telling her Jack’s not fling material? He just might be something a little more essential…


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