Jigokudani: Hell in Hokkaido : A Tiny Photo Tour

Written by Beth Matuska
Category: · Arts & Photography

As a traveler with eight years’ worth of experience living in Japan, I’d like to share with you a photo tour of one of the most beautiful places I have visited: Jigokudani, or Hell Valley. Located in the heart of Hokkaido, Jigokudani is like a little glimpse of Hell, but in a good way. Steaming vents, red rock mountains, boiling lakes and ogres watching out for you, Jigokudani is a hidden treasure just waiting for your visit. Come along with me for the ride as I share photos of a journey through Hell. The first in a new travel series, “Tiny Photo Tour,” I hope to inspire everyone to search for the tiny wonders of Japan. Get out of the city and discover for yourself the wonders of Jigokudani!


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