Jack and Jill: Up A Hill

Written by Vance Smith
Category: · Children’s Books

Magic is real. Her parents never bothered to tell her.

After the death of her beloved Aunt Gloria, Jill Wright will do anything to hang on to her last memento – a golden locket. If only it were that easy.  
When a violent pickpocket becomes fixated on the trinket, it’s clear that there’s a larger plot at work.  But with her absentee parents more interested in work than family, it’s up to her to find help from an unexpected ally – even if that ally has a pumpkin for a head.
Together with Jack Lantern, Jill must rely on her burgeoning powers to track down the shadowy group targeting her. Because the locket is only the start. They want something else from her, too.
Something far more sinister.

Book 1 in the Jack and Jill Trilogy


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