IT’S GOOD TO BE ME! (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH – Educational Children’s Book Collection 3)

Written by Suzy Liebermann
Category: · Children’s Books

IT’S GOOD TO BE ME! Happiness Begins Within
Hugo is a little starfish with a big heart. Every day he makes other creatures happy—and doing that makes Hugo happy. One day he begins to feel small and ugly, convinced that nobody likes him. When granted some magic wishes he decides to change a few things he doesn’t like about himself.

Hugo learns a great lesson and once those changes are made he wishes he could be himself again. Join Hugo on his journey as he discovers that being himself is the best way to be—and the only way to be happy.
Hugo’s story is a good way to teach kids about having a healthy self-esteem and to be happy with the way they are. An award winning children’s book to teach APPRECIATION, SELF-ESTEEM and THE FIVE SENSES.

Award-Winning Finalist in the CHILDREN’S MIND/ BODY/ SPIRIT category of The USA
“Best Books 2011” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News


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