Isambard Kingdom Brunel: A Life From Beginning to End

Written by Hourly History


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Isambard Kingdom Brunel. One of the most famous engineers the United Kingdom has ever produced. A man who put his stamp on his own country in the most visible way possible; through the construction of bridges and tunnels that stand to this day and by transforming both the landscape and the nature of society.
In 2002, Brunel was voted the second Greatest Briton of all time in a BBC survey, second only to Winston Churchill and putting names such as Darwin, Shakespeare, and Newton behind him. In 2006, numerous events were held across the United Kingdom in celebration of Brunel’s 200th birthday. There are few engineers with such a long-lasting and widespread legacy.

Inside you will read about…

✓ The Foundations
✓ Brunel and Son
✓ The Great Western Railway
✓ Brunel the Shipbuilder
✓ Bridge over the River Tamar
And much more!

This book will tell the story of the man known affectionately as “the Little Giant,” through telling the story of the incredible achievements that made him a household name in his own lifetime and to the present day.


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