Instincts: From The Other Side (Very HOT Paranormal Erotic Story)

Written by Mark Taylor


*** She Dies But Is Unable To Move On… ***

IMPORTANT: This ‘straight-to-the-point’ paranormal erotic short story is totally recommended for anyone looking for a quick HOT read, because that is exactly what you have here:

Here Is What It’s All About:

Jodi is a young college student. She is 19 years of age with a bright future on the horizon. She is not the typical girl, not exactly known for going out and having a good time… Instead staying home, studying and getting good grades.
Her idea of fun is her past time of jogging. She has been jogging since she was 10 years old.
She decides to try a new route, going into a nearby park… but… It is not a path she should be taking.
She begins to find herself harassed by three young men. When she tries to run away, they sick their Doberman on her.
She dies, but is unable to move on

WARNING: This quick-read, highly erotic story is suitable for adults only (18+), as it contains explicit sex scenes between consenting adults, sex fantasies, graphic language, elements of oral sex, paranormal sex, creampie etc.


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