Instant Pot CookBook For Vegetarian: Top 100 Healthy and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes For Your Instant Pot

Written by Maria Evans

Vegetarianism is the best way to purge the body of all the accumulated toxins that’ve been piling up over the course of years and decades. By eating only our humble plant friends, we starve the bacteria, fungi and all sorts of baddies skulking inside the body and strengthen our immune system to finally get rid of them. It takes a little bit of persistence to reboot the body’s internal self-cleaning systems but once that happens the benefits become obvious: smaller waist size, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and so, so much more. There is no such pill or surgery that cleanses the body the same way a rutabaga or radish can.

Becoming a vegetarian is a great idea and with Instant Pot it becomes a sublime cooking experience that makes the mouth water and the heart dance with joy. There is a whole universe of delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes out there and they’ve just become possible because now we’re cooking with Instant Pot!

In this ebook you can find:

  • What is Vegetarianism?
  • The earliest record of vegetarianism
  • Comparison of vegetarian and semi-vegetarian diets
  • Health effects of Vegetarianism
  • Ethics and Vegetarian diet
  • What is Instant Pot?
  • Is Instant Pot The Best Pressure Cooker?
  • How long does it take for instant pot to come to pressure?
  • Instant Pot vs Pressure Cooker
  • 100 Vegetarian recipes for Instant Pot Cookbook


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