Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Super Easy Recipes For Everyday Healthy Home Cooking + Electric Pressure cooker

Written by Darlene Chambers

Treat Yourself To 100 Healthy And Easy Instant Pot Recipes, Stay Healthy & Watch Pounds Melt Off Your Body! 

So, you have decided to start eating more healthily.

You think it’s time to adopt a healthier diet but you are not ready to compromise taste or fall prey to common starvation diet plans.

Congratulations! We have the key to delicious healthy meals, easily prepared from the convenience of your home!

Make Instant Pot Part Of Your Daily Meal Preparation

Slash meal preparation time to JUST A FEW MINUTES with amazing multipurpose Instant Pot & prepare divine home-made salads, short ribs, pasta Bolognese, pork, chili chicken wings or ethnic food in no time!

Chambers uses a step-by-step method to take you through the Instant Pot meal Plan and further beyond into the practical application of making healthy and super tasty recipes that are conducive to your lifestyle. Here’s a snippet of some mouth-watering, fat-burning recipes you’ll discover:

  1. Instant Pot Minestrone Soup Recipe
  2. Pressure Cooker Paleo Banana Bread!
  3. Instant Pot Breakfast: Apple Cranberry Steel Cut Oats
  4. Gradual cooker pork brisket with tomatoes and onions
  5. And more!

Easy to operate, Instant Pot is a tremendous Time Saver, a MUST HAVE for the fast, heavenly dishes presented in our delicious recipes!

100 Instant Pot Recipes: The Easiest Way To Stay Healthy &Throw Away Your “Fat Clothes”!


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