Inheritance: A Psychological Mystery and Suspense Thriller

Written by Thomas Wymark
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Somewhere deep in her mind Christine Marsden is witnessing the murder of young girls.
And now she has urges to hurt her own children.

After a head injury which left her having nightmares and visions, Christine is convinced that something inside her brain has broken, and that she is slowly sinking into insanity.
She is terrified of what she might be capable of. She fears that in losing her mind she will also lose her children and husband.
Christine embarks on a desperate fight to try to halt the fracture of her mind before it’s too late, and in doing so, discovers the hidden truth behind the dark horrors she is experiencing.

Inheritance is one of a loose series of psychological suspense and mystery thrillers in which Thomas Wymark delves into the dark and hidden places of our minds.

Q. Why do some of your novels focus on the mind?
A. I’ve always enjoyed fiction that explores our darkest thoughts and potential capabilities. I believe that normal human beings can be capable of absolute wickedness as well as absolute kindness.

Q. Is Inheritance part of a series, and if so, what other titles are part of the series?
A. Inheritance is part of a loose collection of psychological suspense thrillers that aren’t connected by anything other than their examination of the mind. My novel “You Can’t Get Them Back” is about a guy who wakes up from a sixteen year coma to discover that his wife has been murdered (along with a mother and baby) – and he is the only suspect. My short story “No More Sunshine” looks at a man who, mentally, just can’t take it anymore, but the action he takes leads to unintended consequences.

Q. Do you only write psychological suspense thrillers?
A. No. I have two series books coming soon, which are more thriller than psychological – although I suspect there will be an element of “mind mess” in there somewhere.


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