Influence: 4 Book Bundle (How to Analyze People, How to Talk to Anyone, Persuasive Language Hacks, NLP 1)

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could read people’s minds? What if you could win people over effortlessly with your natural charisma, and always know what to say to someone based on their personality type?

Knowing how to navigate social situations can seem like a challenge, if you are unequipped with the proper tools. But with the right knowledge, you can not only unlock your own inner charisma, but become a master of human psychology!

But let’s go further.

Believe it or not, there is a science for tapping into the inner workings of the human mind – called Neuro Linguistic Programming. In this book, you will learn some of the essential skills to get started using NLP in your daily life – and learn how it can help you achieve extraordinary results in all kinds of social situations.

Learning how to analyze people can be a surprisingly helpful tool in business and personal relationships. And coupled with knowledge of NLP and the confidence to talk to anyone, you will become an unstoppable force! Get rid of your social anxiety, and learn how to have fun meeting and learning about new people, making friends and gaining valuable business and personal contacts!

This bundle contains 4 books to help you skyrocket your social skills:

How to Analyze People: Analyze Anyone Instantly: The Best Techniques to Read People Like A Book for Increased Influence and Instant Social Leverage

How to Talk To Anyone: 21 Tips for Instant Rapport

NLP: Persuasive Language Hacks

NLP: Frame Control

In this bundle, you will learn:

✔ How to increase your charisma in social situations

✔ How to analyze people effectively, and why this skill is your ticket to greater social influence

✔ A reliable system for discovering personality type accurately – without them knowing!

✔ The best way to master body language and nonverbal cues

✔ Strategies for implementing Neuro Linguistic Programming in your daily interactions

✔ Utilize the psychology of persuasion–learn tips to influence and persuade others

✔ And much, much more!

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