Infinite Pentatonics For Guitar: How To Create Effortless Solos

Written by Andrew Olsen
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Infinite Pentatonics For Guitar

How to create effortless solos.
Music at its core is about creativity. This book will show you how to create, practice and then internalize your own unique way of creating and soloing with the pentatonics. While this book was written specifically for guitar, the knowledge inside can be applied to any instrument.

There are more guitar licks in this book than any other single music book in history.

I have included chapters on

  • Three string pentatonics
  • Double stops
  • Comping & soloing
  • How to add chromaticism
  • Tapping pentatonics
  • Hybrid picking
  • How to practice
  • and ton of different types of pentatonic scales including my mimicked pentatonics.
  • No matter what skill level you are you will find inspiration in this book. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource for any musician.


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