Infected Waters: A Titanic Disaster

Written by Alathia Paris Morgan
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

An infection is spreading across the Titanic, and the cause is unknown.

Nora is the ship’s nurse, who wanted to see America by working her way across from England. It seemed like a safe and easy voyage to start over in a new place far away from her past; that is, until an infection breaks out. Prepared to deal with seasickness and minor problems, Nora is forced to make tough decisions that could kill everyone on board.

Gil snuck onto the closest ship that was leaving that morning to escape the horror that was chasing him. Taking the place of the Baker’s helper, he thinks he has outrun the horror on land. When Nora asks him to help with the sick, he has no choice but to help if he doesn’t want to be locked up for the remainder of the voyage. If Nora and Gil can’t control the spread of this illness, it could kill all those on the ship faster than a submerged iceberg’s attempt to sink the Titanic.

Will they be caught in the rising tide of infection that intends to leave no living being behind?


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