Inevitable (Goddess of Fate Book 1)

Written by Tamara Hart Heiner
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

It was just another random death of a random stranger…
… but what I saw very nearly ended my life.

I can see the future.

More specifically, how people will die.

The biggest problem? If I try to change it, something worse happens.

But now the people I love are showing up in my visions, including my sister and my hot new boyfriend from England. Yes, I fell for that accent just like every other girl in school.

That’s not even the worst of it. A serial killer popped into town, and my visions are showing me his next victims.

And I’m on his list.


Inevitable is the first book a romantic suspense novel with a hint of the paranormal. Fans of Bella Forrest will enjoy this new take on mythology. Romance, magic, suspense; the perfect book to escape into!

“Highly intriguing tale of murder and suspense!”-Ind’Tale Magazine


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