Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: 600 Authentic Indian Recipes for your Pressure Cooker in Half the Time (Taste of India Series)

Written by Meera Basu

“Authentic Indian cuisine has never been this Quick and Easy, thanks to the Instant Pot” – Gordon Ramsey

The most common misconception about Indian Food is that preparing it is a tough, strenuous process.

Hours of sweating in the kitchen come to mind, as do endless rows of bottles filled with expensive spices, baring names that are impossible to pronounce.

In this book aims to refute ALL of these misconceptions, INSTANTLY.

From the history and basics of the most common Indian dishes, the most sensible use of spices, herbs and other flavor enhancers to how to best use your Instant Pot to your advantage when cooking Indian dishes – it’s all in here.

Goodbye, extra hours of dish washing, you will not be missed.

the Indian Instant Pot Offers:

  • History and Basics of the most common Indian dishes
  • Everything you need to know about Indian Spices
  • 600 Easy, Authentic Recipes that are ready in 45 min or less and require minimal ingredients
  • The Benefits of the Instant Pot when Cooking Indian Food

So grab your copy, sit back and sip a chai while you immerse yourself into the fairytale world of hassle-free cooking!


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