Incredible Habits of Geniuses: Daily Routines, High Performance, Boosted Productivity and Secrets of Success (Habits of geniuses, inventors, businessman, scientists)

Written by Mario Cavalli

Weird Habits of Geniuses

The key to creating positive change for yourself is to make your desired actions into habits

Decide what actions you would like to have and use the habit loop to your advantage.

This book is about unusual and interesting habits, routines, and moments from lives of people (some of them) who contributed to change the world.

By reading this book we will go through geniuses one by one and read interesting habits, facts and daily routines from their lives.

Some of these habits can be seen too weird or too general but the fact is that these habits made them who they are today. These habits played important role in their success and failures.

Aim of the book is to motivate you and make you to think about how successful people live and what you can apply from their habits in your own life to succeed.


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