In the Window Room (The Histories of Earth Book 1)

Written by Steven J Carroll

In the Window Room is a story about a young girl, Delany Calbefur, who has caused some trouble one fall, while she attended the Mayfield School for Girls. And she, as a punishment then, is made to leave the dormitory, and is forced to stay by herself in an old abandoned home on the outskirts of the school grounds.

This old house, the Greyford house as it is called, was the sort of place with covered furniture, and rooms leading to other unexpected rooms, and she would be completely, and purposefully, alone… or so she thought.

Thought as she quickly came to find, there was more to his house than met the eye: there were secret passages, and hidden treasures, lost and forgotten with the passing time, and a room… a fantastic and otherworldly sort of room, which she had decided to call “the Window Room”. This is a story about the dangerous and mysterious adventures she found there.


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