In the Arms of a Pirate (A Sam Steele Romance Book 2)

Written by Michelle Beattie

She’s his leverage
When Aidan Bradley suddenly remembers his bloody past, he can only think of one thing. Killing the bastard responsible. His key? Using his enemy’s daughter to draw the pirate out. His miscalculation? That he’d soon find himself enticed by her innocence and beauty.

He’s her rescuer
Sarah Santiago’s lived her entire life locked away from the world. While na├»ve and innocent, Sarah recognizes attraction when she feels it and the pirate holding her as bait soon becomes the pirate she wants to hold.

The odds are against them
Will Aidan’s desire for revenge cost him the woman he loves, or will his decision to stand down cost him his life at the blade of the soulless pirate who murdered his mother?

The Sam Steele Romance series
Book 1: Her Pirate to Love
Book 2: In the Arms of a Pirate


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