Illustrious (Book 1 of 5 in Steampunk Series): Steampunk Fiction (All-good electricity)

Written by Jessica Parkes
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In this world, the Middle Ages were dark and bloody. In this world, people died of horror every time when the sky was overshadowed by the wings of the fallen. In this world, science has restored freedom to humanity, and the Second Empire, the empire of people, stretches from ocean to ocean.

The waters of the seas are plying combat ships, armored trains are waiting for their hour on the siding, and army airships are hovering in the sky. The epoch of steam leaves, the era of all-good electricity is just taking a run, so even the smallest can throw the world into the abyss of chaos.

And who knows, will not Leopold Orso, Detective Constable of the Metropolitan Police, become such a “smallness”? He belongs to the new elite of the empire – illustrious, but the talent inherited from the ancestors is too gloomy to hope for long quiet life. Leopold is endowed with the gift of embodying other people’s fears into reality, and fear is an incomparably more dangerous thing than six-barrel machine guns, backpack flamethrowers and hordes of people from hell, all together.


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