Illegal: A True Story of Love, Revolution and Crossing Borders

Written by John Dennehy
Category: · History

A raw account of a young American abroad grasping for meaning, this pulsating story of violent protests, illegal border crossings and loss of innocence raises questions about the futility of borders and the irresistible power of nationalism.

Illegal tells the true story of love and deception, revolutions and deportations as it chronicles the trials of John Dennehy. Naïve New Yorker, Dennehy refuses to be part of the feverish nationalism of post 9/11 America. His search for hope takes him to Ecuador, where he falls in love with firebrand Lucia, who perfects his broken Spanish while they find solidarity in the brewing social upheaval. Amid the unrest, Dennehy is arrested and deported to the United States but he has found something worth fighting for.
*2018 Book Awards*
– GOLD, Wishing Shelf book awards
– Da Vinci Eye, Eric Hoffer book awards
– Notable Indie, Self Unbound
– Finalist, Indie Book Awards


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