I Kill Monsters: (Nowak Brothers 1)

Written by Dennis Liggio
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Nowak Brothers

Mikkel and Szandor kill monsters. They’re not government funded, they’re not from a time-honored lineage of hunters, nor are they rich kids with lots of toys. They’re two twenty-something brothers from the poor side of town who have taken it on themselves to rid the streets and underground of creatures who would prey on the innocent. Donning gas masks and using makeshift weaponry, they delve into the labyrinthine sewer system of New Avalon to grapple with snarling zombies, flesh-eating ghouls, insectoid hive creatures, and more. It’s a dirty job and it rarely pays, but someone has to do it.

I Kill Monsters (Nowak Brothers #1)

Hired by a woman from the rich side of town who believes she’s being stalked by monsters, the two brothers think they’ve finally gotten an easy job that will pay well. But as they follow the clues, things are not adding up. Kidnappings, jackbooted commandos, and mysterious emails are just the beginning. Soon they find themselves involved in something bigger than monsters. It’s anybody’s guess whether they’ll come through it alive, much less get paid.

I Kill Monsters is an exciting punk rock urban fantasy for those who enjoy their protagonists with a mouth on them and a weapon in their hands.

Jabberwock Jack (Nowak Brothers #2)

Mikkel and Szandor are back! Everyone’s favorite monster hunters return for a new adventure, and this time it’s a monster that’s bigger than they have ever dealt with before! While on a routine job in the city’s underground tunnels, they stumble on a creature thought lost for years. They are then invited to join a hastily assembled team of hunters going underground to try to kill the enormous serpent. Delving deeper into the darkness than they have ever gone before, Mikkel and Szandor find themselves searching for this massive beast in dark overflow tunnels and the endless labyrinth under New Avalon. But creatures beneath the city are not their only problem. Soon tensions begin running high among the assembled hunters, threatening to derail the mission and put them all in danger. Will they succeed, or will they fall prey to the gigantic monster known as Jabberwock Jack?

Support Your Local Monster Hunter (Nowak Brothers #3)

Support your local monster hunter! And specifically, support Szandor Nowak, because he needs help. After an unfortunate and unwilling break from monster hunting due to debt and poor health, Szandor is getting back into the business, riding along with older, more experienced hunters to get a feel for the work. This should have been easy and boring, but instead it all goes wrong. In a dark alley, Szandor finds a man hidden in trash. When he tries to help, the man’s head explodes bloodily and spontaneously… and all over Szandor. This seems a horrible but otherwise anomalous encounter, so with no leads or reason for the man’s death, Szandor continues on with his reckless life and hunter ride alongs. But when he encounters a second man whose head also explodes, Szandor’s life starts to fall apart – his relationships, his friends, even his chance at hunting again. He even finds his brother Mikkel turning his back on him. But in the blackest night of loneliness, he finds a new hope – a mentor and a friend. But with this comes a hidden secret of Avalon’s darkest places, a hidden underbelly he didn’t know about. Things are going to hit the fan in Szandor’s life – an army of monsters, a police homicide investigation, and his back against the wall. When all doors are closed, when he finds himself all alone, can Szandor fight a war he knows he can’t win?

The Ghoul Pit (Nowak Brothers #4)

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