Hyde’s Children (Modo: Mission Clockwork Book 1)

Written by Arthur Slade

A shape-shifting secret agent. A merciless enemy with a metal hand. The Victorian Empire got more than it bargained for.

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Modo is a young hunchbacked spy, raised by a British Lord to be the ultimate secret agent. Not only is he strong and fast, but he has a special ability: he can change his shape and look like other people. Alas, he can only hold this shape for a few hours. When he teams up with the beautiful agent Octavia, he hides his ugliness from her. Modo worries he can’t keep his looks hidden forever. Even more worrisome is the fact children are disappearing off London’s streets. Then the War Secretary is murdered by his own son. It’s clear a secret organization has Britain in its sights. But their final attack is far more devious and destructive than anyone is prepared for. Will Modo and Octavia survive?

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This book was previously published as The Hunchback Assignments

About the Author:
Arthur Slade was raised on a cattle ranch in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan, Canada. He’s the author of eighteen bestselling books, including the “Northern Frights” series, “Jolted,” and “Flickers.”


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