How To Draw 3D

Written by Suci Kreatif
Category: · Arts & Photography

A 3D drawing is a three dimensional drawing. There are a number of ways an artist can convey dimension in a drawing. Perspective is one of them. Shading and contouring are others.
It is a 3 dimensional view. 2D objects only have length an width and 3d objects have an extra dimension called depth which is how far back the object goes.
3D stands for “in three dimensions”. In other words the object under discussion has width, height and depth. In relation to film, 3 d films give you the IMPRESSION that there are three dimensions to what you are viewing, when in fact there are only two on the screen.
(There is no genuine depth to the image).
Whenever we look a things they are in three dimensions we see things in length height and width. Drawings that are created to represent the three dimensions is called a 3-D drawing.
It is an object drawn on a piece of paper that shows you the perspective and shading that is used to make the drawing more realistic.
3D drawings can make any drawing come to life. It may seem difficult but it is actually easier than it appears.


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