How To Build Your Art Business: With Limited Time Or Energy

Written by Corrina Thurston
Category: · Arts & Photography

Corrina Thurston is a professional artist, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has also been chronically ill since 2008. In this book she takes what she’s learned from her art business and teaches you how to build your art business, even if you have time or energy limitations, like she does. This book is helpful for anyone trying to build their art business, but it’s especially helpful if you have a chronic illness, another full-time job, or are taking care of your kids and only have limited time to devote to your art right now.

Learn how to:

– Be more productive and get more done in the time you have
– Prioritize what’s most important in your art business
– Grow your audience
– Make the right goals
– Avoid getting overwhelmed
– Handle rejection and learn why rejection is a good thing
– Create successful art marketing campaigns, online and in person
– Build successful partnerships with galleries, retailers, organizations, and other artists
– Make passive income
– And much more!


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