How To Build A Steam Engine: Build a Steam Engine from Scratch – Full Beginners Guide with Drawings – Easy to understand – Mostly hand tools – Small amount of lathe work – Many built already

Written by George Hughes
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A First-timer’s full instruction guide showing how to build a genuine, steam-powered Pull You Round Traction Engine named PYRTE. Many photos from the build along with drawings to make your life easier. Needs mostly hand tools, with a small amount of very simple lathe usage.

She’s 26 inches long and weighs around 60lbs when ready for steaming and pulls an adult round with ease.

Many have been built already by amateurs, proving the simplicity of design and being completed quickly compared to similar sized but more complicated engines and only two parts need to be purchased to complete this engine, other than steam fittings, the heating and transmission, making this engine an inexpensive project to complete with most being readily available stock from most hobby shops.

By looking at this you’ve taken the first step to owning your own live-steam traction engine and with just a little persistence it will not be long before you are driving your own live-steam creation, built with your own hands; being pulled around easily as you watch the crankshaft and flywheel spinning almost silently right in front of your eyes as you trundle along.

This is an upgraded version covering the latest steam regulations


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