How to be The Startup Hero: A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Written by Tim Draper
Category: · Business & Money

This book is not for everyone.

This book is for those of you who have a spark in your eye, energy in your soul, and a drive to see a mission through. This book is for those of you in the arena, or who want to get there, or who want to help others get there.

For those of you who like the world as it is, this book is dangerous.

For the Startup Heroes who are in the arena, this book is for you. It is for you, with that vision of a better future. It is for you, who don’t just want to change the world, but believe that you have to just as you have to breathe.

For those who want to help Startup Heroes achieve their visions, this book might help you think about what a Startup Hero is thinking and feeling. I expect you will have an interesting journey as you read, and you might become (as I am) a supporter of Startup Heroes and all that they do – the chances they take, the visions they believe in and fight for, and the hope and optimism that they bring to the world. In the process, you might just find that you are a Startup Hero yourself!

It is in the spirit of helping Startup Heroes go into action that I write this book. I hope this book becomes a handbook for you as you live and build your business. Inside this book is a wealth of opportunity. There are ideas for new businesses to start, stories from which to learn, and tools that you can use as you transform industries, save lives, improve government, and help people.

And for those of you who are up to the challenge, I make this commitment. Start a company around some idea you found in this book or came up with while reading this book, send your plan to, and I will enter you into the Startup Hero compe-tition I am planning for 2019. Te winner will get $1 million in funding at a $5 million (or negotiated) valuation.


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